AV Linux

LogoAV Linux
Description:A complete 32bit Debian-based Content Creation focused OS
Author:Glen MacArthur a.k.a. GMaq

AV Linux is a custom shop modded and rodded 32bit Linux based Operating System built from a hand-picked selection of available tools including Debian/GNU Linux, the XFCE 4.10 Desktop Environment and Remastersys. AV Linux is first and foremost a well-rounded OS suited for most common daily computer tasks and runs on most PC's and Intel Macs. On top of this versatile base is a full complement of the best Linux Audio and Video creation software encompassing both open-source excellence and commercial demos. AV Linux can be operated in a variety of ways including running from a LiveDVD, LiveUSB or installed to the Hard Drive either by itself or as a Dual-Boot with another Operating System.

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