Description:Music auto-arranger follows your chord changes live and plays along in a variety of styles.
Author:Jeff Glatt

BackupBand is a music auto-arranger. It has a virtual drummer, bassist, and rhythm guitarist. These 3 “musicians” follow your chord changes live (as you play some MIDI instrument, such as a keyboard) and they play along with you in perfect time. It's like having a live rhythm section backing you up.

The rhythm section knows how to play in many different styles such as Rock, Disco, HipHop, Heavy Metal, Reggae, Swing, various latin styles, etc. You can also create your own styles for them to play.

The bassist plays a rickenbacker, fender precision, synth, and double (acoustic) bass. The guitarist plays a les paul, steel string, and nylon string. The drummer plays 6 kits. You can also create your own multi-sampled guitars, basses, and kits for them to play.

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