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 ======blue====== ======blue======
 {{metacard>}} {{metacard>}}
-**the** composition environment for [[apps:all:csound|Csound]] and **Java** \\ + 
-{{tag>Some_Csound_and_Cmix_Helpers java}}+An Integrated Music Environment, powered by Csound
 +Blue is an open-source, cross-platform desktop application for composing music. Use visual tools together with text and code to create the music of your dreams. 
 +{{tag>java csound_helper}}
 ~~META:title=blue~~ ~~META:title=blue~~
-~~META:desc=the composition environment for Csound and Java~~ +~~META:desc=Composition environment for Csound and Java~~ 
 ~~META:link=http://csounds.com/stevenyi/blue~~ ~~META:link=http://csounds.com/stevenyi/blue~~
 ~~META:banner=~~ ~~META:banner=~~
 ~~META:author=Steven Yi~~ ~~META:author=Steven Yi~~
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