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-====== Calf ======+====== Calf Studio Gear ======
 {{metacard>​}} {{metacard>​}}
 +Calf Studio Gear is an audio plug-in pack for LV2 and JACK environments under LINUX operating systems. The suite contains 47 effects (delay, modulation, signal processing, filters, equalizers, dynamics, distortion and mastering effects), instruments (SF2 player, organ simulator and a monophonic synthesizer) and tools (analyzer, mono/stereo tools, crossovers). Calf Studio Gear aims for a professional audience.
-!Calf audio plugin pack -!+  * Instruments and tone generators (Organ, Monosynth, Wavetable, Fluidsynth) 
 +  * Modulation effects (Multi Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Rotary Speaker, Pulsator, Ring Modulator) 
 +  * Delay effects (Reverb, Vintage Delay, Compensation Delay Line, Reverse Delay) 
 +  * Dynamic processors (Compressor,​ Sidechain Compressor, Multiband Compressor, Mono Compressor, Deesser, Gate, Sidechain Gate, Multiband Gate, Limiter, Multiband Limiter, Sidechain Limiter, Transient Designer) 
 +  * Filters and equalizers (Filter, Filterclavier,​ Envelope Filter, Equalizer 5 Band, Equalizer 8 Band, Equalizer 12 Band, Equalizer 30 Band, Vocoder, Emphasis) 
 +  * Distortion and enhancement (Saturator, Exciter, Bass Enhancer, Tape Simulator, Vinyl, Crusher) 
 +  * Tools (Mono Input, Stereo Tools, Haas Stereo Enhancer, Multiband Enhancer, Multi Spread, Analyzer, X-Over 2 Band, X-Over 3 Band, X-Over 4 Band)
-A set of synthesizer and effect plugins, available as as LV2 plugins, DSSI plugins, standalone JACK clients and LADSPA plugins (effects only). 
-{{tag>​LV2_Plugins LASH Jack_MIDI ​LADSPA_Plugins ​JACK DSSI softsynths_and_samplers ​dssi_plugins ​effects_processors}}+{{tag>​LV2_Plugins LASH Jack_MIDI JACK softsynths_and_samplers effects_processors ​lv2 midi_software audio_plugin_systems filters general_synthesis_packages soundfonts_and_related reverb_delay utilities}}
-~~META:​title=Calf~~ +~~META:​title=Calf ​Studio Gear~~ 
-~~META:​desc=Calf audio plugin pack~~ +~~META:​desc=MIDI synthesis instruments,​ filters, and effects~~ 
-~~META:​logo=http://​calf.sourceforge.net/calf_icon.png~~ +~~META:​logo=http://​calf-studio-gear.org/​images/​icons/calf_64x64.png~~ 
-~~META:​link=http://​calf.sourceforge.net/~~ +~~META:​link=http://​calf-studio-gear.org/~~ 
-~~META:​screenshot=http://​calf.sourceforge.net/images/plugins/Calf%20-%20Multi%20Chorus.jpg~~ +~~META:​screenshot=http://​calf-studio-gear.org/​images/​Calf ​Studio Gear.jpg~~
 ~~META:​author=Krzysztof Foltman, Thor Harald Johansen, Markus Schmidt, Christian Holschuh, others~~ ~~META:​author=Krzysztof Foltman, Thor Harald Johansen, Markus Schmidt, Christian Holschuh, others~~
-~~META:​download=http://​sourceforge.net/projects/​calf/~~ +~~META:​download=http://​calf-studio-gear.org/files/~~ 
-~~META:​version=0.0.19~~ +~~META:​version=0.90.0~~ 
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