Chowdhury DSP

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Description:Audio effects for modern music
Author:Jatin Chowdhury

Chowdhury DSP is a project with the intention of developing innovative and high-quality audio software, as well as making that software available to the widest audience possible. ChowDSP software is driven by the desire to create useful tools for musicians and audio engineers; tools that sound great, are easy to use, and provide musical inspiration.

  • Chow Tape Model - Emulation of a reel-to-reel analog tape machine.
  • Chow Matrix - Delay effect, with complex internal modulation and feedback.
  • Chow Centaur - Emulation of the Klon Centaur guitar pedal.
  • Chow Kick - A kick drum synthesizer.
  • Chow Phaser - A digital phaser effect.
  • ChowDSP VCV - Several modules for VCV Rack, including ports of ChowTape and ChowPhaser. Other modules include distortion effects, modal filters, and more.

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