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-This sounds like a ptrety good film emulator! I mean, I was shooting film just the other day and I was just enjoying the great world outside my of computer, then I took a picture of just a random thing. And Boom.Then I tuned and saw more beautiful light. Boom. I changed lenses and went to take a portrait One clickBoom. The best part was when I got the film processed and scanned. I opened the files up in finder. And with just one click, they all looked just like film! Double up!Boom.Boom. ;-)+======Editing Audio In Linux====== 
 + \\ 
 +{{tag>howtos_and_faqs soundfile_editors audio_editors}} 
 +~~META:title=Editing Audio In Linux~~ 
 +~~META:desc=Ian Smith-Heisters shows us how to do it ~~ 
 +~~META:author=Ian Smith-Heisters~~ 
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