Description:Turns your computer into a drum kit you play live with MIDI drum pads.
Author:Jeff Glatt

eDrummer is a software program that, when used in conjunction with electronic drum pads, effectively turns your computer into an “electronic drum kit”.

eDrummer contains its own CD quality drum sounds. They are arranged into a “drum kit”, where you set the individual volume, panning, decay, and other settings of the sounds. Then the entire kit is mixed down to stereo (or optionally mono), and played upon your computer's sound card. You can create your own kits (with your own sounds) – as many as you want – and switch between them on-the-fly using eDrummer's Kits screen and/or MIDI Program Change messages.

If you have an electronic hihat pedal, eDrummer uses it to more realistically model a hihat, including not just open or close, but also effects such as “foot stomp” and partially open. eDrummer also strives to model more realistic rolls.

eDrummer is intended to be a simple, all-in-one solution for a drummer. It's designed to be used in a live environment.

Can be used standalone, or as an LV2 plugin.

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