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 ======ghostess====== ======ghostess======
 {{metacard>​}} {{metacard>​}}
-  * http://home.jps.net/​~musound+  * [[http://www.smbolton.com/linux.html]] 
-rolls up to release 20061127 \\ + 
-~~META:topic=New_Additions_for_Winter_2006-2007~~ +a rough start at a graphical DSSI host, based on jack-dssi-host,​ but capable of saving and restoring plugin configuration,​ as well as specifying MIDI channels and layering synths. ghostess includes three MIDI driversan ALSA sequencer MIDI driver, a (clumsy but functional) CoreMIDI driver (which allows ghostess to be used on Mac OS X), and a JACK MIDI driver for use with the MIDI transport in recent versions (>=0.102.27) of JACK. ghostess also comes with a universal DSSI GUI, which attempts to provide GUI services for any DSSI or LADSPA plugin, and may be used with any DSSI host. 
 +{{tag>JACK_MIDI ALSA_SEQ ​ DSSI JACK jack_session}}
 ~~META:​title=ghostess~~ ~~META:​title=ghostess~~
-~~META:​desc=rolls up to release 20061127 ​~~+~~META:​desc=graphical DSSI host~~
 ~~META:​logo=~~ ~~META:​logo=~~
 ~~META:​screenshot=~~ ~~META:​screenshot=~~
 ~~META:​banner=~~ ~~META:​banner=~~
-~~META:​author=~~ +~~META:​author=Sean Bolton~~ 
-~~META:​download=~~ +~~META:​download=http://​www.smbolton.com/​linux/​ghostess-20100923.tar.bz2~~ 
 ~~META:​forum=~~ ~~META:​forum=~~
 ~~META:​manual=~~ ~~META:​manual=~~
 ~~META:​example=~~ ~~META:​example=~~
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