HarmonySeq MIDI Sequencer

LogoHarmonySeq MIDI Sequencer
Description:A GTK loop-based MIDI/OSC sequencer, oriented toward live use. Uses ALSA sequencer interface
Author:Rafał Cieślak - rafa

HarmonySEQ is a live loop-based MIDI software sequencer intended to aid music composers and performers.

  • manages a set of separated (but synchronized) sequencers, repeating looped melodies of different length, duration and MIDI channel,
  • reacts on user-defined triggers, which makes it exceptionally useful for live performances or recordings,
  • supports complex polyrythms
  • allows to bind a many patterns to each sequencer, and play only one at a time,
  • helps to manage chords, which allows to create melodies that consist only of notes that sound great together,
  • can playback sequences of MIDI control events
  • features an easy, intuitive and multilingual interface.
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