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-Is their an episode show notes coimng? ​ I know sometimes it takes a few days to come out so I was just checking.  ​Otherwise I'll just listen ​to it again and get all the links.I know you guys are working hard!  Appreciate all you do.+======JACK====== 
 +//For the cd-ripper named jack go here: [[apps:​all:​jack_the_ripper]]//​ 
 +The Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) is Paul Davis'​s professional-quality low-latency audio server and transport control interface. 
 +  * [[http://​jackaudio.org/]] 
 +  * [[http://​jackit.sourceforge.net/​]] 
 +For recommended settings for different hardware, see [[wiki:​Recommended jackd parameters]]. 
 +If you're new to JACK, you will most probably want to use [[qjackctl]] as a graphical interface to JACK. 
 +A list of JACK applications can be found at [[http://​jackaudio.org/​applications]]. 
 +Applications tagged with //JACK// on this wiki can be found [[apps:​categories:​jack|over here]].  
 +{{tag>​JACK development}} 
 +~~META:​desc=Paul Davis'​s professional-quality low-latency audio server ​and transport control interface ~~ 
 +~~META:​author=Paul Davis and others~~ 
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