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 ======LAoE====== ======LAoE======
 {{metacard>​}} {{metacard>​}}
-Olivier Gäumann'​s "​Layer-based AudiO Editor",​ requires **Java2** \\ +{{tag>​Java audio_editors}}
-{{tag>​Java ​soundfile_editors ​audio_editors}}+
 ~~META:​title=LAoE~~ ~~META:​title=LAoE~~
-~~META:​desc=Olivier Gäumann'​s "Layer-based AudiO Editor"​requires ​Java2 ~~+~~META:​desc=Java audio editor with volume-masksvariable selection-intensity,​ filtering, retouching, resampling, graphical spectrogram editing by brushes and rectangles, sample-curve editing by freehand-pen and spline and other interpolation curves, effects like reverb, echo, compress, expand, pitch-shift,​ time-stretch. Requires ​Java2 ~~
 ~~META:​logo=~~ ~~META:​logo=~~
 ~~META:​link=http://​www.oli4.ch/​laoe/​~~ ~~META:​link=http://​www.oli4.ch/​laoe/​~~
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