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 ======LinRadio====== ======LinRadio======
 {{metacard>​}} {{metacard>​}}
-  * [[http://​www.linradio.com]] + \\
-"​Celebrating the marriage of Linux and radio" ​\\+
 {{tag>​Radio}} {{tag>​Radio}}
 ~~META:​title=LinRadio~~ ~~META:​title=LinRadio~~
-~~META:​desc="​Celebrating the marriage of Linux and radio" ​~~+~~META:​desc=provide information about software-defined ​radio on Linux, especially as related to Radixon products ​~~
 ~~META:​logo=~~ ~~META:​logo=~~
 ~~META:​link=http://​www.linradio.com~~ ~~META:​link=http://​www.linradio.com~~
 ~~META:​screenshot=~~ ~~META:​screenshot=~~
 ~~META:​banner=~~ ~~META:​banner=~~
-~~META:​author=~~ +
-~~META:​download=~~ +
-~~META:​version=~~ +
-~~META:​forum=~~ +
-~~META:​manual=~~ +
-~~META:​example=~~ +
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