Description:MIDI router/processor. Convert MIDI input, using your rules, before it reaches your MIDI app. Uses ALSA or JackMidi
Author:Dominic Sacré

mididings is a MIDI router and processor for ALSA or JACK MIDI. It's implemented as a Python module, thereby offering a powerful and flexible means to set up patches, while the actual MIDI processing code is written in C++.


  • Filtering and routing of MIDI events depending on event type, channel, note, etc.
  • Transposing notes, modifying velocity, changing controller values/ranges.
  • Converting one type of MIDI event to another.
  • Some more complex MIDI processing functions, including a diatonic harmonizer.
  • Seamless switching between patches, with no dropouts or stuck notes.
  • Running arbitrary Python code to process MIDI events.
  • Support for ALSA sequencer and JACK MIDI.
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