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-Kei and Alex,It might be better to email David on this sujcebt because he hasn't posted anything here for quite a while   very busy I'm sure So email has better chance of catching his attention ​Denise+====== Non-Sequencer ====== 
 +The Non Sequencer is a powerful real-timepattern-based MIDI sequencer ​for LinuxIt fills the void left by countless DAWs, piano-roll editors, and other purely performance based solutions. It is compositional tool that transforms MIDI music-making from a complex nightmare into a pleasurable,​ efficient, and streamlined process. 
 +{{tag>​Sequencers JACK_MIDI JACK_Transport NSM FLTK MIDI_Software JACK}} 
 +~~META:​desc=Fast,​ powerful pattern-based JACK MIDI sequencer~~ 
 +~~META:​author=Jonathan Moore Liles~~ 
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