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 {{metacard>}} {{metacard>}}
-Patchmatrix is a simplistic JACK patchbay in matrix configuration. It shows only the clients and ports that are of interest to you, allows you to see all connections at a single glance and features single-click (dis)connections.+Patchmatrix is a simplistic JACK patchbay in flow matrix configuration. It combines the best of both flow- and matrix-style patchbays thereby reducing virtual cabling mess.
 ~~META:title=Patchmatrix~~ ~~META:title=Patchmatrix~~
 ~~META:desc=JACK Matrix Patchbay~~ ~~META:desc=JACK Matrix Patchbay~~
-~~META:link=https://github.com/OpenMusicKontrollers/patchmatrix/~~ +~~META:link=https://gitlab.com/OpenMusicKontrollers/patchmatrix~~ 
 ~~META:author=Hanspeter Portner~~ ~~META:author=Hanspeter Portner~~
 {{tag>new jack patch_editor}} {{tag>new jack patch_editor}}
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