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 ======Poles and Zeros====== ======Poles and Zeros======
 {{metacard>​}} {{metacard>​}}
- \\ +{{tag>​Filters ​development dsp}}
-{{tag>​Filters ​signal_analysis_and_processing}}+
 ~~META:​title=Poles and Zeros~~ ~~META:​title=Poles and Zeros~~
 ~~META:​desc=GPL source for a filter ~~ ~~META:​desc=GPL source for a filter ~~
 ~~META:​link=http://​www.nst.ing.tu-bs.de/​schaukasten/​polezero/​en_idx.html~~ ~~META:​link=http://​www.nst.ing.tu-bs.de/​schaukasten/​polezero/​en_idx.html~~
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