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 ======Scripts:​ Sound====== ======Scripts:​ Sound======
 {{metacard>​}} {{metacard>​}}
-for **Csound**, **PowerPV**,​ and **TrikTraks**, from Drew Krause \\ +for [[Csound]], **PowerPV**,​ and **TrikTraks**. 
-{{tag>General_Synthesis_Packages ​synthesis_and_composition_packages ​some_csound_and_cmix_helpers}}+{{tag>​synthesis_and_composition_packages ​csound_helper}}
 ~~META:​title=Scripts:​ Sound~~ ~~META:​title=Scripts:​ Sound~~
 ~~META:​desc=for Csound, PowerPV, and TrikTraks~~ ~~META:​desc=for Csound, PowerPV, and TrikTraks~~
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