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-Atalie - I just wanted you to know that my wienddg photographer Tonhya posted ​the article you wrote on your blog about details and I wish you wrote that 10 months ago when i got engagedI had a diy detailed wienddg, and thank the LORD my fiance kept me level headed and I didn't go too crazy and kept it PERSONALBut this wienddg is the most beautiful wienddg i have ever seen. and your pictures of the couple against the sky and trees are magnificentI really enjoyed looking at your blog todayI appreciate your work, opinions, and creativity.+======set_rlimits====== 
 +gives unpriviledged users access ​to realtime scheduling via the new rlimits added to kernel 2.6.12 \\ 
 +~~META:​desc=Jonathan Woithe's software that gives unpriviledged users access to realtime scheduling~~ 
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