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-======Simple Sysexxer======+===== Simple Sysexxer =====
 {{metacard>}} {{metacard>}}
-  * [[http://www.christeck.de/]] +Send/recieve MIDI sys-ex dumps from a MIDI device, to save on your computer. 
-MIDI sys-ex utility from Christoph Eckert \\ +{{tag>midi_software patch_editor}}
-{{tag>Utilities MIDI_Software unmaintained}}+
 ~~META:title=Simple Sysexxer~~ ~~META:title=Simple Sysexxer~~
-~~META:desc=MIDI sys-ex utility ~~ +~~META:desc=Send/recieve MIDI sys-ex dumps from a MIDI device, to save on your computer~~ 
-~~META:logo=~~ +~~META:link=http://www.christeck.de/wp/products/simple-sysexxer~~
 ~~META:screenshot=~~ ~~META:screenshot=~~
 ~~META:banner=~~ ~~META:banner=~~
-~~META:author=~~ +~~META:author=Christoph Eckert~~
-~~META:download=~~ +
-~~META:version=~~ +
-~~META:forum=~~ +
-~~META:manual=~~ +
 ~~META:releasedate=~~ ~~META:releasedate=~~
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