Description:allows a blind user to hear all output directed to the console, currently supports only the Doubl..

allows a blind user to hear all output directed to the console. Currently, the following synthesizers are supported by speakup:

  • Accent PC/SA
  • the Apollo2
  • Artic Transport
  • Audapter
  • Braille 'N Speak / Type 'N Speak
  • Dectalk External and Express
  • the Dectalk PC internal as a module.
  • DoubleTalk PC/LT
  • LiteTalk
  • the Keynote Gold PC internal.
  • Speakout
  • Speakup softsynth device
  • Espeakup/espeak software synth as stand alone user space programs.
  • The speech Dispatcher daemon which currently supports Festival, Flite, Apolo II and the DECTalk software speech engine.

Speakup allows you to interact with applications and the GNU/Linux operating system with audible feedback from the console using a synthetic speech device.

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