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 +====== Stochas ======
 +Stochas is at it’s core a step sequencer, which means it generates MIDI notes. As such it does not generate any sound of it’s own but can be used to sequence other plugins and/or hardware synthesizers. Although it can be used for basic step sequencing, it’s main function is to provide randomness to the step sequencing process. It does this in a few ways:
 +  * Randomly determine whether a note should be played or not (create more dynamic and varied drum patterns)
 +  * Randomly choose between two or more notes to play at a specific time (create random or semi-random melodic or drum lines)
 +  * Add slight timing randomness to notes so that they play slightly before or after their position
 +  * Add randomness to velocity and length of notes
 +{{tag>​sequencers vst jack}}
 +~~META:​desc=Open-source advanced probabilistic polyrhythmic sequencer plugin~~
 +~~META:​author=Surge Synth Team~~
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