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-====== ​synthpod ​======+====== ​Synthpod ​======
 {{metacard>​}} {{metacard>​}}
-host for playing LV2 instruments.+Synthpod is both LV2 host and plugin. It can be run as a standalone app and be used as a tool for audio and event filtering or for live performances. Or it can be run as a plugin itself inside another host (or inside itself) to add support for non-linear patching where only strictly linear connections are supported (e.g. in most DAWs).
-{{tag>​new lv2 jack}}+It is realtime scriptable and may be controlled via OSC and MIDI.
-~~META:​title=synthpod~~ +{{tag>​new jack jack_midi jack_session jack_transport nsm lv2_plugins osc lv2 alsa_seq virtual_midi}} 
-~~META:​desc=A ​host for playing ​LV2 instruments~~ + 
-~~META:​link=http://​openmusickontrollers.github.io/​lv2/​synthpod/​~~ +~~META:​title=Synthpod~~ 
-~~META:​screenshot=http://​openmusickontrollers.github.io/​lv2/​synthpod/​synthpod_screeny.png~~ +~~META:​desc=A ​lightweight non-linear ​LV2 plugin container~~ 
-~~META:​author=Open Music Kontrollers~~ +~~META:​link=http://​open-music-kontrollers.ch/​lv2/​synthpod/​~~ 
 +~~META:​author=Hanspeter Portner~~ 
 ~~META:​releasedate=2015-04-02~~ ~~META:​releasedate=2015-04-02~~
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