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 {{metacard>​}} {{metacard>​}}
-* http://www.tardigrade-inc.com/index.php/​En/​Tranches+Tranches, very much geared towards live use, calls itself a "​midi-controlled multi-(inputs/outputs) live beat repeat/rearrange/redirect tool".
-Beat slicer ​controlled via an ALSA MIDI connection ​and the JACK transport ​from Florent Berthaut. A selection of features from the website:+It is controlled via ALSA MIDI and synchronises with JACK transport. A selection of features from the website:
   * Multi-inputs (realtime selection of the input using MIDI CC)   * Multi-inputs (realtime selection of the input using MIDI CC)
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   * Reverse mode   * Reverse mode
- +{{tag>​JACK JACK_Transport LASH ALSA_SEQ Looping_Software ​unmaintained}}
- +
-{{tag>​JACK JACK_Transport LASH ALSA_SEQ Looping_Software ​Beat_Slicer Performance}}+
 ~~META:​title=Tranches~~ ~~META:​title=Tranches~~
 ~~META:​desc=Beat slicer controlled via ALSA MIDI~~ ~~META:​desc=Beat slicer controlled via ALSA MIDI~~
-~~META:​logo=~~ +~~META:​link=http://​hitmuri.net/index.php/Software/​Tranches~~ 
-~~META:​link=http://​www.tardigrade-inc.com/index.php/En/​Tranches~~ +~~META:​screenshot=http://​www.hitmuri.net/uploads/Software/​tranches-0.1.0.png~~
-~~META:​screenshot=http://​tardigrade-inc.com/​uploads/​tranches-0.1.0.png~~ +
 ~~META:​author=Florent Berthaut~~ ~~META:​author=Florent Berthaut~~
 ~~META:​releasedate=2008-11-16~~ ~~META:​releasedate=2008-11-16~~
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