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 {{tag>ALSA_SEQ MIDI_Software virtual_midi midi_controller_related}} {{tag>ALSA_SEQ MIDI_Software virtual_midi midi_controller_related}}
 ~~META:title=Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard~~ ~~META:title=Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard~~
-~~META:desc=Qt5 and drumstick based MIDI events generator and receiver~~+~~META:desc=Qt and drumstick based MIDI events generator and receiver~~
 ~~META:logo=:wiki:user:lad:images:vmpk.png~~ ~~META:logo=:wiki:user:lad:images:vmpk.png~~
 ~~META:link=https://vmpk.sourceforge.io/~~ ~~META:link=https://vmpk.sourceforge.io/~~
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