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-===== Linux Audio Bundles and Distributions =====  
-New additions as of 3/29/08 
-* StudioGO "A complete entertainment system with various multimedia and graphics tools to create, edit or play" http://www.ibiblio.org/onebase/onebaselinux.com/About/features/studiogo.php   
-* Open Mamba Studio "openmamba livestudio was thought for musicians, designers, graphics, photographers and who likes expressing creativity through new tecnologies." http://www.openmamba.org/distribution/media/livestudio.html?lang=en  
-* RocXshop "A new Linux Audio project based on PCLinux OS....still in Beta..." http://www.rocxshop.com  
-* Vafeo Audio "vd_audio offers a musical environment well adapted for home studio. This version is still in beta test."   http://www.vafeo.org/vafeo/vafeo-1.01-1/vd_audio-1 
-If you know of another Linux Audio Distro - add a reply to this post... Enjoy your digital adventures in LinuxLand...Peace, Mello 8)