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Music Made With Linux

At this page you can find music made with linux and information about musicians who use Linux for there music composing and production. If you use linux for composing and/ or production, You can add music and information about yourself too. Please keep it short ;-). You can discuss music (made with linux) at the LinuxMusicians Forum

9 Lieder * <> music from Wolfgang Woehl and friends, made with help from Ardour, JAMin, and LADSPA music_made_with_linu…,
dis-dot-dat * <> music from James Shuttleworth, made with Cheesetracker and Ardour music_made_with_linux and…,
extudes * <> pieces composed by Frank Barknecht with the help of Pd and MusE music_made_with_linux and_now_for_something_rather_differ…,
Music Made With Ardour songs and music from Dave Phillips music_made_with_linux and_now_for_something_rather_different,
NeboGeo * <> music from Dave Griffiths, maker of the incredible SpiralSynth family of Linux music software music_made_with_…,
pmix & others Ogg and MP3 files from Eric Dantan Rzewnicki music_made_with_linux
Supermarionation An EP by Edinburgh band Supermarionation recorded with Ardour and various LV2 plugins. music_made_with_linux and_now_for_something_rather_d…,

Linux musicians

Forum: original scores & recordings

  • You can also find some scores and recordings on our forum here.


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