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-I used these subliminal mp3s and I was stpkeical at first but they turned out to work wellSkeptics be damnedyou are just closed minded like I was. The mind works in mysterious ways and I believe subliminal audio helped me end my procrastinationThanks subliminal downloads+====== Non Session Management ====== 
 +[[wiki:session management]] 
 +NSM is the Non Session Management protocol described here: 
 +It supersedes LASH and Jack-Session, allowing for robust session management and advanced configurations like sessions distributed across multiple hosts. 
 +  * Fully compatible with apps that have built-in NSM support regardless of their audio backend (be it JACKALSA, PulseAudio, etc.) 
 +  * Not compatible with other session management protocols 
 +  * Limited compatibility with apps without session manager support (via nsm-proxy) : 
 +    * Some apps are programmed to save their current state when they receive the “SIGUSR1” Unix signal, and NSM is able to send this signal to such apps. On receiving this signal, apps may then open a save file dialogue or save their state to a default file location. The user may need to load this state file manually after a session is restored 
 +    * For apps which do not respond to the SIGUSR1 signal, NSM is only able to restore their JACK connections (via jackpatch) 
 +  * GUI frontend: has its own GUI 
 +  * Saving a session will save the state of apps with NSM or SIGUSR1 support plus the JACK connections of ALL apps (via jackpatch) 
 +  * Opening a session will automatically launch all apps (even unsupported ones), restoring their state (if possible) plus their JACK connections 
 +  * Apps which support NSM can be told to save/load their state to/from a specific location 
 +  * First released in 2010Currently in active development 
 +  * Manual: http://non.tuxfamily.org/nsm/ 
 +Supported apps: see http://non.tuxfamily.org/wiki/ApplicationsSupportingNsm and this table: 
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