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akai mpk mini @wiki
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====== akai mpk mini ====== ===== General ===== The [[|Akai MPK mini]] is a USB powered 25 key mini keyboard ... drum pads and 8 assignable knobs. Furthermore the Akai MPK Mini comes with: * 4 fully programmable pre
seq24: toggle sequences with a MIDI controller @wiki
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r (in my case an [[|AKAI MPK Mini]]) * Some time ===== Setting up seq24... e off events. ===== Queuing sequences ===== The Akai MPK Mini has a Sustain button and I've set the Su
Hardware Matrix @wiki
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keyboards ====== Control Surfaces ====== * [[Akai MPK mini|Akai MPK mini]] - 2 octave keyboard with drum pads and knobs * [[hw:Behringer BCF2000|Behrin
Examples of some great pieces of free audio software @wiki
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pler]] supports sample libraries in GIG, DLS, and Akai formats. For a GUI there is [[apps:all:qsampler|Q
migrationprogress @wiki
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General" in [[?do=index|Sitemap]] -- example fix [[akai_mpk_mini]].</del> * update [[wiki:|frontpage]]
Linuxsampler @apps:all
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r supports sample libraries in Sfz, GIG, DLS, and Akai formats. Standalone version also~~ ~~META:link=ht
libakai @apps:all
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A:desc=library useful for extracting samples from Akai sound discs ~~ ~~META:link=
Lakai @apps:all
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ine apps for data exchange between a Linux PC and AKAI samplers. Needs docs on using the tools ~~ ~~META
abrowse @apps:all
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itle=abrowse~~ ~~META:desc=GTK app reads/converts AKAI S1000/3000 sample CDs~~ ~~META:link=http://abrows
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