Allen & Heath ZED-18

Allen & Heath ZED-18



Manufacturer - Allen & Heath

Released - Unknown

Available - Yes

Estimate price - 599 USD

Linux Support Rating - 5

Device type and interface

Device Type - Audio Interface

Interface - USB 1.1

ALSA Device Name - CODEC

USB ID - 08bb:2900

Audio Interface

Analog I/O

Inputs - 10 mic-level XLR (or switching line-level TRS), 8 line-level TS (or 4 line-level RCA or USB) feeding 4 stereo inputs

Outputs - 2 mic-level XLR, 4 line-level RCA (alt+rec-outs), 1 line-level TRS (Mono out), 4 line-level TS (aux sends), 1 line-level TRS (Headphones), 1 line-level 3.5 TRS (parallel 2nd Headphones)

Inserts - 12 (10 on mic inputs, 2 on master L+R)

Digital I/O

Inputs - 0

Outputs - 0


Phantom power - Yes <mic inputs, global switch>

Word clock - No


Bitdepth - 16 bit

Sample rate - 32kHz/44.1 kHz/48 kHz (switching automatically)

SNR A/D - -127 dBu (Mic Pre EIN @ max gain 150R input Z 22-22kHz)

SNR D/A - -86 dBu (Mix L/R out, L/R faders = 0, 22-22kHz)


While the mixer is just great for the price (british technology, high quality parts, assembled in China), the USB-Interface is limited to 16bit at 32/44.1/48kHz stereo in- and outputs (USB 1.1). ALSA mixers show just a PCM fader for USB output, capture level is set on the ZED-18.
There's a silent but still annoying treble noise appearing on the headphones mix when JACK is started on that device (has also been reported when used under different OS), but it doesn't affect the recording or Main/rec-out mix. So think of the USB interface basically as a nice add-on to a very affordable professional mixer.

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