M-Audio Delta 1010LT

M-Audio Delta 1010LT



Manufacturer - M-Audio

Released - Unknown

Available - Yes

Estimate price - 200 USD

Linux Support Rating - 4

Device type and interface

Device Type - Audio Interface

Interface - PCI

ALSA Device Name - M1010LT

Audio Interface

Analog I/O

Inputs - 2 switchable-level XLR (DIP switch for +4dbu/-10dBV operation on card), 6 line-level RCA

Outputs - 8 line-level RCA

Inserts - 0

Digital I/O

Inputs - 1 S/PDIF (two channel/stereo)

Outputs - 1 S/PDIF (two channel/stereo)


Phantom power - No

Word clock - Yes


Bitdepth - 24 bit

Sample rate - 96 kHz

SNR A/D - 101.5dB (D/A) (A-weighted)

SNR D/A - 99.6dB (A/D) (A-weighted)

MIDI Interface

MIDI Inputs - 1

MIDI Outputs - 1

MIDI Through ports - 0


This card should be configured with ALSA's envy24control or its fork mudita24, which are full featured replacements for the win/mac configuration utility supplied by M-Audio.

The card's features page mentions that the digital I/O supports surround-encoded AC-3 and DTS pass-through, I'm not sure how to utilize this using linux, but it should be possible.

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