zoom h4


The Zoom H4 is a handheld audio recorder that also functions as a USB (1.1) audio interface.


  • Record from built-in microphones or from combined XLR/jack connectors. XLRs can provide phantom power
  • Record to SD card in MP3 or 16/24 bit WAV at 44/48/96kHz
  • Four-track recorder mode. 16 bit 44kHz
  • USB interface mode. 16 bit 44/48kHz
  • Built in effects and microphone models
  • Powered by 2xAA, 9V adaptor or USB when in interface mode

Works as interface on Linux with no additional drivers. Just have to select the mode when you plug it in. Can also act as card reader to transfer from the SD card, but only at USB 1.1 speed.


None required. There is no PC-based editor for the effects.

Tips and Issues

  • Configuration is fiddly via small screen and jog wheel. e.g. changing effects settings involves lots of steps. Setting preset or file names involves selecting each letter with the jog wheel.
  • Comes with tripod adaptor, but not one for microphone stands. Edirol do a tripod to mic stand adaptor, but it's not cheap. You can buy a cheap mini-tripod and tape it to a microphone stand
  • Some people have had noise issues when using on batteries. This can be worked around by using an external battery pack
  • Using the H4 for both input and output in JACK seems to give better performance (lower latency, less xruns) than just using it for input and on-board sound for output


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