Hi Adam,Thanks for the reply. I figured it out. I need to post this on the Apple Discussion Boards. I put this heogtter after talking to a friend that does professional recording. . Justin said it sounded like the Clock was getting off and the audio was going out of sync in a real bad way. So I started to dig and found this on Samson's site about using the C01U as an Aggregate Device to use it with Logic. The list at the bottom of the window will show all the audio devices connected to the computer. Select the ones you want the device to use by checking the use' button. For instance, if you only have a CO1U connected you will need to check CO1U and Built-in Audio. Check the clock button on one of the devices, not the CO1U. That last part struck me. NOT the C10U . So I added the internal microphone from my MBP to the AD and set it as the Clock . Success!Per another forum posting I found I added an output to the AD as well. The poster said that he had to add an output device to the AD to get Logic to see it. I did that as well since I figured what could it hurt. All is well now that I know I did not spend $500 on three C10Us for nothing. My old podcast: My new podcast: Coming Soon!

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