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  • Ok, here we go. Initial version — Jörn Nettingsmeier 2010/03/06 12:24
  • Updates after more people have stepped forward to volunteer - this is taking off nicely! — Jörn Nettingsmeier 2010/04/01 14:27
  • please sign up in the table below when you're available for stream-team duties — Jörn Nettingsmeier 2010/04/14 08:55

Mark your entries with your initials, and note your check-in (“ab>”) and check-out (“>ab”) times, approximately.

  • Jörn (jn): will come to Utrecht on the 28th and 29th to prepare streaming stuff. Have to return to Essen on Friday for a job, and will show up on Saturday morning in time for the first paper. But it would be cool to know someone else is taking care of that. I'm on call on Friday for remote troubleshooting whenever possible.
  • Herman (hr): arrived the 28th, and leaves sometime after the 5th. May assist with camera, lighting, dvswitch and streaming setup. I will take part in the Lumiera get-together at LAC. I won't commit to any real work late in the afternoon.
  • Robin (rg): takes camera equipment on site on 29th.
  • Christian 'cehteh' Thäter (ct): i'll lend a hand or two where required.

I add the (talkname) which I am plan to attend, while being there I can operate a camera or mic too, not 100% commited yet.

Time T - 3d T - 2d T - 1d Saturday 1st Sunday 2nd Monday 3rd Tuesday 4th
10:00 ln> hr> ct(LinuxRT)
12:00jn>on-site tests ct(Scheduler)
13:00 rg> jn on call wv>
14:00 for remote ts jn> ct(pulseaudio) jn> wv>
15:00 ct(LuaAV) jn> ct(OSC)
16:00 ct(gstreamer) ct(Pure)
17:00 >hr >hr >hr >hr ln>
18:00 >hr >rg
19:00 >jn >wv
20:00 >wv
21:00hr>Arr Amsterd. >jn >jn >jn
Stream relays
  1., capped at 70mbit/s, operated by nettings. Status: up
  2. Eric Rzewnicky?
  3., capped at 100mbit/s (shouldn't be any monthly cap), provided by Marc-Olivier Barre. Status: up
  4. (, not set up yet, capped at 100mbit/s, and a monthly cap) (Herman Robak)
Gear list

This is the definive gear list. We start with everything in parentheses, which means “needs to be confirmed”. Those who have volunteered to bring the stuff, please remove them and sign.

  • 2 Sony HDR-HC1E (Robin)
  • 1 Sony Z1 (Robin)
  • 1 Sony FX1, Herman
  • One Steadicam Merlin with vest/arm; max cam weight ca. 2.5 kg. Raffaella brings it, Herman owns it.
  • Master DVSwitch machine (quadcore, loads of RAM) - HKU, Emile+Ernst, confirmed
  • DataVideo SE-800 with DV I/O - HKU, Marc
  • A VGA→DV scan converter; Canopus Twinpact 100, Herman
  • Canopus ADVC55(composite/S-video → DV scan converter) (Marije, arrival by plane)
  • a sturdy tripod; Manfrotto MVB525, with 501 head, and “golf bag”. Herman
  • (a less sturdy tripod) (faberman)
  • a sturdy Manfrotto tripod (503 head), for the whole conference, Raffaella
  • (a Shuttle PC for off-line encoding) (faberman)
  • one DV and encoding capable notebook for the mobile stream kit — Jörn Nettingsmeier 2010/04/14 11:59
  • a battered old DV cam that may or may not work, with decidedly unsturdy tripod — Jörn Nettingsmeier 2010/04/14 11:59
  • another sturdy tripod (Wouter, May 1-4)
  • one PC headset stereo headphone, mic, 3.5mm jacks (ct)

still missing

  • a second notebook with Firewire as a dvswitch host
  • a third notebook with Firewire as a dvswitch host
  • a fourth notebook with Firewire as a dvswitch host
  • a small GBit switch for the DV network
  • 3x20m of CAT5e or better for the DV hosts, plus some more CAT5 just in case.
  • 2-3 bnc cables (75ohms, 10-30m), either single or YUV snakes
  • headsets or earpieces for the cam operators (if we try and create an intercom link) (i bring one - ct)

Plus we're lacking detailed information about the audio gear in the lecture room at this point. Marc G. is checking it out.

People and what they have offered
  • Robin has offered 1-4 hd cams, needs help in getting them to Utrecht. available are:
    • 3 Sony HDR-HC1E
    • 1 Sony HVR-Z1

Just to make it clear: They all have 4pin 1394 connectors, but none of them comes with a Firewire cable; and none of them has a DV tape in it. They include Power Adapter (each), 2 Batteries (each), 1 extra Battery charger (Z1), Remote-Control (each), a cable for composite video (each) & manual (each). One of the HC1 bags includes a DV VP-314 In Line IEEE-1394 Fire Wire Bi-directional DV Repeater (6pin Firewire to 6pin Firewire).

  • Marc-Olivier has signed up to the stream team - yay! Can offer a dedicated 100mbit/s server. – Marc won't be able to attend LAC2010
  • Eric will check with DebConf folks to see if anybody is interested to join our team and ask if we can use their vga→dv converter. He is also offering another relay server.
  • Jörn is volunteering to coordinate the streaming, but would very much like to limit his ops duty to 1/3 of all talks. Will bring a streaming-ready notebook plus a cheap dv cam.
  • A friendly guy called Christian has volunteered to help part-time with the stream team (friend of Frank Neumann's). Jörn is in touch…
  • Herman Robak (who's been on the 2008 stream team) can bring a remote pan/tilt head and a Sony HDR-FX1 (almost identical to HVR-Z1, good controls and low light performance). Herman has used dvswitch before. Brings a VGA to DV scan converter. Has a sturdy tripod and some microphones, too.
  • Utrecht-based film maker Wouter Verwijlen will be at the LAC and has offered to help with the stream team at least one day (lots of previous streaming experience). Can arrange a tripod.
  • Film maker and Lumiera user Raffaella Traniello will come to LAC all the way from Italy and has offered a tripod (at least until Monday)!
  • Marc G. has secured a hardware DV mixer for us. It's a DataVideo SE-800, which would solve pretty much all of our mixing problems if it has the DV options in - still need to figure that out. That doesn't mean we can't try dvswitch (Jörn would love to). It just means we're not screwed if it doesn't work in the end.
  • faberman brings one of his Shuttles for offline encoding or where needed.
  • HKU provides a spiffy Dell quad-core dvswitch master.
Things to do:
  • check lighting options - marc g?
    • Get pictures or building plans of the venue, to give the crew something to plan for.
  • check audio gear in lecture room
  • check video gear and available tie-lines in the lecture room
  • check availability of YUV or FBAS and audio cables (or tie-lines) in the lecture room
  • guidelines for presenters, depends on our gear:

* if we have cheap cams and shoddy lighting, light letters on dark background to prevent the cam from saturating

  • if we have good cams, good lighting and a mixer, dark letters on light background, better for overlays

(Robin has told Frank N.)

  • reserve and announce #lac2010 IRC channel on
  • check what projection gear will be available and how to tap into it (Herman has a VGA-DV encoder.)
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