Stream Team Planning

List of available gear
  • 1 magic DV repeater VP-314 (Robin)
  • 1 Sony-Z1 – if needed, requires shipping/transport (Robin, IEM)
List of required gear
  • fast PC running Linux (preferably debian/wheezy) with 4 IEE1394 (firewire) ports, and ≥ 500 GB disk-space
  • ≥ 2 cameras - one with XLR audio in
  • sturdy tripods
  • stage lights
  • microphones 1 wireless lapel mic for the speaker, 2 omnis for audience and ambiance
  • audio-mixing desk
  • wired network connection (outgoing live-stream, IRC) + contact-info at network-operations
  • 66ft dv cables 2066
  • BCF2000 (or similar MIDI desk) for controlling dvswitch.
  • obviously table, power-connectors and usual gaffer equipment
  • one main room for the paper track
  • one or two workshop tracks
  • concert

dvswitch LAO patched version. Robin points out that network links are not latency-compensated1), so all cams must be hooked to the dvswitch machine directly. For the VGA capture, a netlink would be ok.

Robin has a collection of useful streaming scripts at;a=tree;f=tools;

a fixed offset can be configured manually, but there are known drift and sync problems.
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