About the Linux Sound Wiki

This Site is an effort of the Linux Audio Community to continue Dave Phillip's great collection of linux audio applications at linux-sound.org.

About: License

Unless noted otherwise, all content in this wiki can be distributed in terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

About: Framework

This linux-sound-wiki is a dokuwiki installation.

About: Contributors

Robin Gareus developed and maintains the wiki. Thosten Wilms took care about the initial look and feel. Emanuel Rumpf and Jeremy Jongepier have since taken responsibility to maintain the content and contribute greatly to improve the integrity of the site.

The initial data-set is an import of Dave Phillips's site merged with edits from Hans Fugal's lawiki by Robin and styled by Thosten.

The changelog provides information about contributors. Some dedicated editors also maintain a personal user page.

We have received constructive discussion and good ideas from various individual around the Linux Audio Mailing lists, including but not limited to Nedko Arnaudov, Marc-Olivier Barre, Esther Brunner, Hans Fugal, Dave Phillips, Richard Spindler and Vince Werber.

If you like to provide feedback or discuss contributions, please consider subscribing to the The Linux Audio Developers' Mailing List.

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