ABC midi

This page demonstrates the ABC midi wiki plugin.

see also:

  • follow a Tutorial and introduction to Abc notation.
  • ABC midi website at sourceforge.
  • The ABC music notation standard
  • timidity - linux midi player. (timidiy is a terminal-application that can be launched by a web-browser to play midi files.)


Here's a little tune from the ABC midi website.

The following ABC notation

T:Paddy O'Rafferty
dff cee|def gfe|dff cee|dfe dBA|dff cee|def gfe|faf gfe|1 dfe dBA:|2 dfe dcB||
~A3 B3|gfe fdB|AFA B2c|dfe dcB|~A3 ~B3|efe efg|faf gfe|1 dfe dcB:|2 dfe dBA||
fAA eAA|def gfe|fAA eAA|dfe dBA|fAA eAA|def gfe|faf gfe|dfe dBA:|

… renders (and plays) as :

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