Linux Audio Kernels

Towards vanilla linux kernels for sound production.

To achieve reliable low latency the operating-system needs to support real-time capabilities; a feature that some [more specialized] gnu/Linux-distributions provide. Tuning audio workstations is a delicate task, distributing these tweaks even more so. Wide testing is as good as impossible and it even gets worse with increasing diversity of hardware and setups.

Motivated by Recurring threads on the LAD/LAU email lists and discussing with members, is going to provide cross-distribution community support for packagers, vendors and users to make our case to the kernel community.


64studio, goto10, musix and LAD's for by the community.

We're in the progress to set up infrastructure for collaboration. - Join the discussion at Linux Audio Tuning Mailinglist.


  • supplement linux-rt-users with input from the audio community.
  • quality control
  • tracking versions and collect patches used by various distributors
  • provide signed-off .config kernel configuration


Until further notice, all communications happens via the LAT and LAD email lists.

  • the /wiki/kernel/ namespace of this wiki is available for general use.
  • There's public read-only access to the repositories using the git protocol; and write/commit via ssh made possible by gitosis. For now see the Kernel Hacker's Guide to GIT.
  • can host/mirror/rsync external resources and git snapshots are available eg.
curl -o rt-linux.tgz ";a=snapshot;h=rt-2.6.26-rt1;sf=tgz"

There are possibilities for a shared blog (drupal), bug-tracking (trac), meetings (IRC) and other revision control systems (SVN, bzr) pending discussion.


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