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   * <​del>​copy over pages</​del>​   * <​del>​copy over pages</​del>​
   * <​del>​verify link in latency.txt to 'this guide to fixing IRQ conflicts'​ works</​del>​ works   * <​del>​verify link in latency.txt to 'this guide to fixing IRQ conflicts'​ works</​del>​ works
 +  * <​del>​301 redirects from wiki.linuxmusicians.com to wiki.linuxaudio.org</​del>​
   * merge stuff   * merge stuff
 +Pages still to be merged: ​
 +  * <​del>​[[Newbies]] - Just discovered music-making on Linux? This is the place to start.</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​[[Linux multimedia distro'​s|Linux Audio Distributions]] - Information about Linux distributions for music production.</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​[[Linux Musicians]] - Here you can find Music and Information about 'Linux Musicians'​. </​del>​
 +  * <​del>​[[Resources and support|Support]] - Other Online Resources for Support on Producing Music on Linux.</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​[[Troubleshooting]] - Problems? Here you can find Resources for Troubleshooting.</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​[[Session Management]] - Methods of maintaining multiple collections of connected pro audio applications with satisfactory switching between them, editing, debugging...</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​[[Text-based linux home studio|Linux Audio Studio for the Visual Impaired Musician]] - Information about Software for the visual impaired Musicians.</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​[[Linux Plugins| Linux Plugins (effects, filters, and instruments)]] - Information about available plugins (LADSPA/ LV2/ DSSI etc.) on Linux, for effects, filters, and instruments</​del>​
 +  * [[System configuration|System Configuration]] - Tips for Setting Up your Real-Time/​Audio/​Midi System yourself.
 +  * [[Hardware]] - Information on supported audio hardware for Linux.
 +  * [[Linux audio Applications|Linux Audio Software]] - Information about Linux pro audio applications (e.g. DAWs, Sequencers, Synths, Notation Editors, etc.).
 +  * [[Free audio data]] -- Samples, SFZ, GIG, soundfonts, beats, sample conversion tools...
 +  * [[Manuals tutorials and howto'​s|Links to Guides, Tutorials and How-Tos]] - Links to information about how to work with Linux audio applications.
 +  * [[vst support and commercial apps|Commercial Software and VST Support]] - Information and Resources on VST/Plugin support and Commercial Applications for Linux.
 +  * <​del>​move '​hardware'​ and '​device'​ info into a dedicated namespace and fix their h1-heading. see pages titled "​General"​ in [[?​do=index|Sitemap]] -- example fix [[akai_mpk_mini]].</​del>​
 +  * update [[wiki:​|frontpage]]
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