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 +===== Introduction ===== 
 +We need suggestions ​and help to improve ​this site, and are open to brainstorm, ideas, ​bugs, and feedback ​in general.. - treat it as a [[:​playground:​playground]] for discussion ​and try keep it organized. 
 +===== Here we go... ===== 
 +==== TODO ==== 
 +  * Merge the pages linked ​to from [[migrationprogress]] 
 +  * make some of the sections in [[scripts ​and tools]] app index pages instead 
 +===== Rename / Split long Category Tags ===== 
 +long tag names can be annoyingespecially when they are very generic: fi. ''​software_sound_synthesis_and_music_composition_packages''​. 
 +  * [[apps:​categories:​linux_audio_bundles_distributions_and_music_collections]] 
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