Planet LAD aggregates news-feeds from various Linux Audio Developers and Users.

How do I get in?

In order to be included, your RSS or Atom feed must either be filtered to on-topic posts or your blog must be almost exclusively focused on Linux Audio (which includes music, art, installations, FLOSS hardware/software development and is not necessarily limited to GNU/Linux if it channels the Libre Software spirit.).

Blogs can be listed under your real name or the title provided in the feed. Please indicate your preference; if you indicate none, the title (if available) will be used. If you want an image to appear with your blog, also specify a URL to a PNG, preferably 64×64.

In the spirit of's commitment to free content, we encourage you to consider putting your blog content under a free license.

Requests for inclusion

To be included in the planet, simply send a mail to, together with a feed URL (preferably to a filtered feed) and optionally an URL to a png (of your face or logo).

Any LAO admin can add your feed. It may take between 5 mins and 5 days.

Should you have questions or comments please contact as well.

Persons with a wiki account can alternatively add their website/feed here:

  1. my blog filtered with linuxaudio: (added Jan 4th 2013)
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