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Rosea Grammostola posted a script to download various free sound-fonts, sample and LA-resources on the LAU mailing-list.

For discussions on this, please post to the Linux-Audio-User email list.

This is a wikized version - feel free to extend, but please stick to the current format:

   * description for group of samples
     * one link per line - must be a link to downloadable file
     * another link
   * another description - include links to information pages about samples in the description.
     * link..

TODO: merge in information from the old soundfonts page.

PS. it'd be nice to have this info as a nested array: [] ⇒ array ('desc' ⇒ '..' links ⇒ array()) so that any script, GUI or download-tool can make use of it.

PPS. an example script parsing the content of this wiki-page into such an array and querying the size of each download is available from;a=blob_plain;f=lau_soundfonts.php

Collection of Links



Drum kits

Jazzy Instruments


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