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ZynAddSubFX Manual: 71 Hits
available on the ZynAddSubFX SourceForge site to Wiki format. In the process I've tried to correct spel... . Below that the corresponding spectrum. \\ {{:wiki:note1.jpg|}} \\ {{:wiki:spectrum1.jpg|}} This ... ectrum (the bandwidths are exaggerated). \\ {{:wiki:sound1.jpg|}} \\ {{:wiki:spectrum2.jpg|}} Cli... Editor to a value different than 0 or change the start phase of the LFO to the leftmost value - In SUB
System configuration: 41 Hits
ootable system itself is beyond the scope of this Wiki but there are plenty of resources that explain th... get the script install [[|Git]] first and then pull in t... _kernel|the kernel build method described in this Wiki]] it should be fairly easy to build your own real... bian_en.html|Pengutronix]] patches (see [[|Debia
Editors Lounge: 37 Hits
this page we will discuss about how to edit this wiki, ad what kind of plans we have. Currently there a... someone to <del>a. just make the blank frames to start with, </del> <del>c.</del> a. make the search fun... time. This was imported from the Linux Musicians' wiki, but still needs a lot of tidying up. I prefer th... ink. There is a huge amount of duplication on the wiki, I am trying to cut it down and put things in ord
Welcome!: 26 Hits
ustive reference for all things Linux Audio! The wiki offers a lot of information on various aspects. Check out the [[apps:start|Application Database]] and the [[hw:start|Hardware Database]]. If you are new here, why not start with the [[wiki:introduction]]. The wiki is a community effort: //everyone// is welcome to [[open_discussion|suggest]] features, help [[editor_notes|updating]] wiki pages or joining the development team! Aside fro
General Resources: 24 Hits
{{:wiki:lm2.png|}} ====== General Resources ====== ==== Newbies ==== You're just starting to make music on Linux? [[newbies|This]] is the place to start! ==== Howto section forum ==== * You can find... =19| forum]] ==== Linux Journal articles ==== {{:wiki:linuxjournal3.png|}} * Dave Phillips from lin... al.) ====== HowTO Make Music on Linux ====== {{:wiki:lash-logo.png|}} {{:wiki:audacity.jpg|}} {{:wiki:
Real Time: 24 Hits
CI bus latency ]] ===== Wiki entries ===== * [[/wiki/kernel/start|Realtime kernel entry in this wiki]] * [[http:/... lsa Project - Low Latency HowTo]] * [[| Real-Time Linux Wiki, with in-depth informations]] * [[| (german) Ubuntu Wiki articles, rt related]] * [[
Formatting Syntax: 23 Hits
ditional [[pagename|link text]]. [[doku>pagename|Wiki pagenames]] are converted to lowercase automatica... s is a link to Wikipedia's page about Wikis: [[wp>Wiki]]. DokuWiki supports [[doku>Interwiki]] links.... s is a link to Wikipedia's page about Wikis: [[wp>Wiki]]. ==== Windows Shares ==== Windows shares like... (see below) like this: [[|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}]] [[|{{wiki
Linux Audio and Sound - Application and Software Index: 15 Hits
ies to ease out browsing. Do also check out the [[wiki:start|wiki start page]] and the [[hw:start|Hardware Database]]. The site is a public collab... bout|More about this site]]. You are welcome to [[wiki:open_discussion|suggest]] features, [[wiki:reques... w or inclusion]], help improving the content by [[wiki:editor_notes|editing]] pages or join in the devel...| Wiki - articles and podcast ]] * [[http://wiki.daten
JACK Latency tests: 12 Hits
at is actually latency? [[|Latency]] is how you call **t... s at comparatively slow [[|speed]]: about 340 m/s. Some inter... uipment might suffer. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! {{:wiki:line2mic-unplugged.jpg|}} {{:wiki:line2mic-plugg... rything goes according to plan, jack_delay should start to emit messages indicating the roundtrip delay m
Tutorials: 12 Hits
utorials ====== ===== General ===== * [[|The KXStudio ... , by Jonathan E. Brickman ===== ABC ===== * [[wiki:abcmiditutorial|ABC Midi Tutorial]]: How to use [... tion format. ===== AlsaModularSynth ===== * [[wiki:amsvocodertutorial|A simple modular vocoder]]: Le... | (in french and english)]] * [[wiki:hydrogenwithlinuxsamplertutorial|Hydrogen with Li
Notes for Editors: 11 Hits
as needed. <note tip> If you don't know where to start, the [[wiki:editors_lounge|Editors Lounge]] should provide so... an appropriate heading at the bottom. use the [[:wiki:start|wiki]] for suggestions or join discussion about o
Linux Audio User FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): 11 Hits
| allow JACK to use realtime scheduling]]. This wiki has some more [[wiki:real_time_info | articles an... noise removal. **Related articles** * [[| N... storation plugins]] * [[| wikipedia - Audio restoration]] * [[| librivox wiki - Detailed
Creating a simple LADISH studio using Claudia: 10 Hits
ate a simple LADISH studio with Claudia that will start JACK and the ALSA bridges, load qtractor and conn... a LADISH studio, you need to ensure that you can start JACK OK, ideally without any xruns. If JACK isn't... dy running then Claudia will try to automatically start JACK using the current JACK settings, which it shares with Cadence, when you start a studio but it will fail if your JACK settings aren't correct. Se
Abc midi tutorial: 9 Hits
he file through the computer speaker, etc. ===== Wiki Syntax ===== This wiki allows to render Abc nota... o, you need to insert an ''<abc>'' command in the wiki page, followed by a //unique// midi file name **X... e a non unique id, it may be overwritten by other wiki pages * **T:** (optional): Title of the Tune ... dard notation. Spaces may also be inserted at the start and / or end of bars to make the abc more readabl
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Vocoditor: 4 Hits
VST/VSTi: 3 Hits
Kernel layer: 3 Hits
Programming: 3 Hits
Rosegarden: 2 Hits
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