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-======== Linux Audio Wiki ========+====== ​Welcome! ​======
-Welcome to the Linux Audio Wikithe exhaustive reference for all things Linux Audio. +<note info> We are looking for front-end developersweb-designers and wiki-administratorsPlease contact us through one of the channels mentioned below.</​note>​
-Do also check out the [[apps:​start|Application Database]] and the [[hw:​start|Hardware Database]].+
-Feel free to join us at - +Welcome ​to the Linux Audio Wiki, the exhaustive reference for all things Linux Audio!
-  * the linuxmusician.com forums +
-  * the #​opensourcemusicians and #lad (Linux Audio Developers) channels on irc.freenode.net +
-  * and the [[:apps:all:lau|linux audio mailinglists]]+
-<note info> We are looking for front-end developers, web-designers and wiki-administrators. If interestedcontact us at one of the places mentioned above.+The wiki offers a lot of information on various aspects. Check out the [[apps:​start|Application Database]] and the [[hw:​start|Hardware Database]]. If you are new herewhy not start with the [[wiki:​introduction]]The wiki is a community effort: //​everyone//​ is welcome to [[open_discussion|suggest]] features, help [[editor_notes|updating]] wiki pages or joining the development team!
-You are welcome ​to [[open_discussion|suggest]] features, help improving the content by [[editor_notes|editing]] pages or join in the development team.</note>+Aside from the wiki, there are numerous ways to get in touch with us: 
 +  * discussion forum: ​[[https://​linuxmusicians.com/​|LinuxMusicians]] 
 +  * mailing lists: ​[[:​apps:​all:​lau|linux audio mailinglists]] 
 +  * IRC: #​opensourcemusicians and #lad (Linux Audio Developers) on irc.freenode.net ([[https://​webchat.freenode.net/​|web chat]])
-<box 50% left | User resources+<box 50% left | Resources for users
-Knowledge base+Making music
   * [[wiki:​introduction]]   * [[wiki:​introduction]]
-  ​* [[wiki:​system_configuration|System configuration]] +  * [[apps:​categories:​distributions|GNU/​Linux Distributions for Audio]] 
-  * [[wiki:​composition|The composer'​s toolbox]] +  * [[wiki:composition|Tips on tools/​applications for composers]]
-  ​* [[apps:​categories:​distributions|GNU/​Linux Distributions for Sound Production]] +
-  * [[wiki:real_time_info|Real-Time Linux Kernel Links and Info]]+
   * [[session_management]]   * [[session_management]]
   * [[linux_plugins]]   * [[linux_plugins]]
 +  * [[wiki:​publishing_music|How and where to publish your music/​sounds]]
 +Technical configuration
 +  * [[wiki:​system_configuration|System configuration]]
 +  * [[wiki:​real_time_info|Getting und using a real-time Linux kernel]]
 +  * [[Troubleshooting]] (may be partly outdated)
   * [[:​faq:​start|FAQ]]   * [[:​faq:​start|FAQ]]
-  * [[Troubleshooting]] +Web resources 
-  * [[wiki:publishing_music|How and where to publish your Sounds]] +  * [[wiki:places1|Linux audio Social Guide. Offline & Online]] 
-Linux audio places +  * [[wiki:​places2|Link collection to wikis, forums, mailinglists, IRC channels]] 
-  * [[wiki:​places1|Websites,​ blogs, social media pages, and podcasts]] +  * [[wiki:​music_making_resources|Link collection for free sheet music, samples, sounds, etc.]]
-  * [[wiki:​places2|Forums, IRC (chat) ​channels, mailing lists, and wikis]] +
-  * [[wiki:​music_making_resources|Music-making resources]]+
   * [[wiki:​music_made_with_linux|Music made with Linux]]   * [[wiki:​music_made_with_linux|Music made with Linux]]
-External resources index 
   * [[wiki:​user_resources|External user resources index]]   * [[wiki:​user_resources|External user resources index]]
-  * [[wiki:​tutorials:​|Tutorials]]+  * [[wiki:​tutorials:​|Tutorials]] ​for different audio tools
 </​box>​ </​box>​
-<box 42% right | Developer resources>+<box 42% right | Resources for developers>
   * [[wiki:​programming_audio|Programming audio applications]]   * [[wiki:​programming_audio|Programming audio applications]]
   * [[wiki:​programming_libraries|APIs,​ Code-Libraries for audio, graphics, media, GUIs]]   * [[wiki:​programming_libraries|APIs,​ Code-Libraries for audio, graphics, media, GUIs]]
   * [[wiki:​scripts_and_tools| Assorted Scripts and Tips ]]   * [[wiki:​scripts_and_tools| Assorted Scripts and Tips ]]
   * [[wiki:​developer_resources|External developer resources index]]   * [[wiki:​developer_resources|External developer resources index]]
-<box 99% left | Recent Linux Audio User Emails> 
-{{rss>​http://​linuxaudio.org/​mailarchive/​lau/​feed 5 1h}} 
-<box 99% left | Announcement Messages Feed> 
-{{rss>​http://​linuxaudio.org/​mailarchive/​laa/​feed 5 1h}} 
 </​box>​ </​box>​
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