Useful Links And Getting Help


For more info on the KXStudio applications such as Cadence, Claudia and Catia

Hardware Compatibility

To check to see if your sound device is supported by GNU/Linux, check the ALSA SoundCard Matrix

If you have a FireWire audio device you will want to check the status of your device in the FFADO Device support database

Another good resource for GNU/Linux audio hardware compatibility is the Current Audio Gear page

To check for the compatibility of your printer with the GNU/Linux printing system, CUPS, check the OpenPrinting database

GNU/Linux software resources

The Ubuntu package archive search

The wiki has a comprehensive list of all GNU/Linux audio and sound software

Libre Graphics World provides news and other resources relating to free graphics software

Freecode maintains the Web's largest index of GNU/Linux software

The Wine Application Database (AppDB) details the compatibility of Windows programs with Wine

To get the most out of Linux, you need to understand how to use the terminal (aka console). Here's the Ubuntu beginners guide to using the terminal

KXStudio uses the KDE Desktop Environment by default. Here is an introduction to the KDE 4 Plasma desktop

JACK was created mainly for Ardour which remains the most popular open source DAW. Sadly its not the most intuitive app ever so you may want to read its manual

Those who prefer the more lightweight DAW qtractor will be happy to hear it has one of the best free manuals available for a free and open GNU/Linux app

Getting Help

Remember that KXStudio the distribution is based upon Ubuntu 12.04 aka Precise so any instructions or software you find for Ubuntu (precise) will be compatible with KXStudio.

Fora and wikis

If you get stuck, the first place to search for a solution is on the KXStudio forum

If you suspect its more of a general Ubuntu issue it would be a good idea to search for help on the Ubuntu fora too

The LinuxAudio wiki contains all sorts of useful info for Linux audio users, including this manual


If you can't find an answer to your question on the fora or with your favourite search engine, IRC is going to be your best hope of getting help quickly.

KXStudio includes the Konversation KDE IRC client which you can use to connect to the following channels on

#kxstudio is the official IRC support channel for KXStudio

#opensourcemusicians is the IRC channel of the open source musicians podcast

#ardour has its own official IRC support channel on as do many other popular open source projects

#kde is good for general issues with using the K Desktop

#ubuntu is the support channel for general Ubuntu system issues

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