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Be welcome, to add your opinion and idea below.

Having tried to use jack-session for a while, my conclusion is:

  • It needs Session Load without application-quit, thus I'm distinguishing here
    between “quit” ⇒ exit application and “close” ⇒ close documents without application-exit.

  • It needs Session Close without Save (this won't exit (most) applications)

  • Beeing able to load multiple sessions (at once) appears bad, is an error-source

  • Conditions where connection-restoration fails - must be known (e.g. apps are not allowed to auto-connect jack-ports)

  • sometimes eventually you don't want a JS-capable app to be part of the current session, although you're running it at the same time. JS should offer a flag for this (set by jack-client-app on user request):
    session_client->part_of_active_session = false;  //(default is true, of course) 

Introduce new events

// extend EventType:
enum JackSessionEventType {
    JackSessionCloseAndLoadNew = 4,    // load a new session, without quitting applications (if possible)
    JackSessionCloseWithoutQuit = 5,   // close session-document without quitting applications
    JackSessionCloseWithQuit = 6       // close the session and quit everything
// extend jack-session-client implementations:
if( ev->type == JackSessionCloseAndLoadNew ){
	// close current document(s), eventually ask the user, if he/she
	//      would like to save first (but **don't quit** the application)
	// then load new session-document(s)
if( ev->type == JackSessionClose ){
	// close current document(s), eventually ask the user, if he/she
	//      would like to save first

Replace the command_line with an appID (cross-platform)

- saving a command line with the session is a very bad idea.

My suggestion:

The jack-session-commander (e.g. qjackctl) has a small (operating system specific) database.
The contained entries would overwrite the command_line, if existend. Thus backwards compatible.

The database would be queried by appID:

It would have the fields: appID, executable, generic_parameters
The database can be processed with simple split(),trim() operations. One entry per line.

One single entry would look like: (fist word is the appID, not the executable name, although it may be equal.

appID==amSynth; exe==/usr/bin/amSynth; param:loadFile==-f $arg:loadFile; param:uuid==-u $arg:uuid ; param:autoconnect==-A $arg:autoconnect; param:with_gui==-w $arg:with_gui;

On windows, the entry might look like:

appID==amSynth; exe==c:\programs\amSynth; param:loadFile==/f $arg:loadFile; param:uuid==/u $arg:uuid ; param:autoconnect==/A $arg:autoconnect; param:with_gui==/w $arg:with_gui;

jack_session_event would be filled by the JS-client as:

jsEvent->appID = "amSynth";
jsEvent->appParams = " loadFile1==%s; autoconnect==%s " %( sessionFile, false );
jsEvent->loadFile = sessionFile;

The jack-session-manager would search the database for the appID and generate an appropriate (os-specific) command_line.

This would also allow different command lines, by assigning different appIDs to a single application (amSynthWithoutGui, amSynthWithGui, amSynthInGreen,…)

// in 
struct _jack_session_event {
	// make the command_line member deprecated
	// introduce the following members instead
	// AppID : usually equal to application name, without path info
	char *appID;	
	char *appParams;	// additional prefered Application Parameters (abstracted, to be OS-independent)
	char loadFile;	// file to load (with extension, without path info, could contain a simple string, with more files to load.)

(Multi) Session Handling

Can multi-session handling work reliably ?
Is it too complicated ?
Can a single-session be open multiple times ?

The current behavior, to me, feels strange and unexpected: Opening a running session (twice) opens another set of windows. What's that ? Do I have a “doubled” session now ? It is very opaque, unclear, which window belongs to which session. Is that how it should be, is that what we'd want ?

An idea:
Add a sessionID.
The client would allow selecting the session it belongs to (with a drop-down-box). This would allow multiple sessions to be open. Every session should have an associated color (light, water-color) and a short description string (user-assigned), the applications can use to visualize dependency to a particular session.

For example I could have a “light-green” session with hydrogen and qsynth and a “light-orange” session with audacity and lv2host running at the same time.

In qjackctl, there would be an option “create new session” with a dialog, where I would be able to select a color, enter a string, for a new session.

Store connections:

  • Every saved sessions stores all connections currently active (when hitting save).

Restoration of connections in a multi-session environment.

  • Start with no connections, nothing connected (keep existing connections ? rather not - they could conflict ?)
  • Load first session ⇒ connections of applications belonging to that particular session are restored (only)
  • Load a second session ⇒ the same
  • Restore additionally saved connections if the user requests, from an already loaded session.

Every app has a drop-down-box, where one of the loaded sessions can be selected, i.o. to become a member.

Jack-Session - Best Practice Section

We need a jack-session-api best-practice section. This would contain hints as:

  • dont's use paths in the command_line (amSynth vs. /usr/bin/amSynth )

  • don't use single character parameters in the command_line =⇒ bad:
    params -a=yes and -A=no is the same on some platforms, rather –autoconnect=yes, –artefacts=no

  • with the session, applications should restore their window position and state (maximized, curled up, minimized, etc.)

  • apps are not allowed to auto-connect jack-ports, when using jack-session (user option)

  • apps are allowed to save to another folder additionally (for backup purposes)

Comments and additional ideas

  • Qjackctl - sesssion: save, works as 'save as' now. It would be nice if it would be possible to have also the opportunity to hit just 'save'.
  • Qjackctl should support infra clients, like pyjacksm does atm.
  • It would be nice if you could load a JackSession Manager (like pyjacksm) with different configuration files (now only .pyjacksmrc)
  • It will be valuable if you could load a session via the command line / BASH script.
  • It would be nice to be able to load more then one session at once…
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