My main contributions to Linux Audio are:

  • gmidimonitor - GTK (2.x) application that shows MIDI events.
  • jackmixer - GTK (2.x) JACK audio mixer
  • jackctlmmc / QJackMMC - Control JACK transport using MMC (MIDI)
  • naconnect - ncurses-based ALSA MIDI sequencer connection manager (patch bay)
  • zyn - Port of ZynAddSubFX synth engines to LV2.
  • zynjacku - JACK based, GTK (2.x) host for LV2 synths. Multi-timbral sound by running several synth plugins.
  • ladish - A session management system for JACK applications on GNU/Linux

You can reach me at nedko (a.t) arnaudov (dot) name. I can also be often found in #lad on FreeNode (as nedko).

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