Pieter Palmers

On Linux, I'm mostly a hardware/driver person…

  • Started the IsisAlsa project, but abandoned it after blowing up my MaxiStudio ISIS while trying to attach a logic analyzer to the internal bus.
  • Now I mostly work on FFADO, the successor of FreeBoB. The FFADO project aims to provide support for all FireWire audio devices out in the open.
  • I also wrote this basic little application called bcx2000edit. It served as my first python programming experience, but still it is rather useful. It helps to prepare presets for the Behringer BCR2000 and BCF2000 MIDI controllers.

On the musical side I'm mostly a live sound engineer and an occasional DJ. I also used to be able to play the saxophone, or at least I enjoyed an 8 year educational path for it. Not that much of a musician though… I know the theory and the techniques, but I don't seem to have the “magic touch” that makes a song stand out. Good music is not made by craftsmen…

I have a Master in Science and Engineering from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, specializing in Electrical Engineering, more specific Analog design in CMOS. I'm currently going for a PhD that bears the title “Design of moderate resolution, high speed data converters in deep-submicron CMOS”.

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