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 ======aubio====== ======aubio======
 {{metacard>}} {{metacard>}}
-Library for audio labellingIncludes functions for pitch, onset, and beat/tempo tracking, phase vocoder, filters, mfcc, filterbank +Library designed for the extraction of annotations from audio signalsIts features include segmenting a sound file before each of its attacks, performing pitch detectiontapping the beat and producing midi streams from live audio. 
-{{tag>Linux_audio_tools development effects_processors}}+{{tag>development}}
 ~~META:title=aubio~~ ~~META:title=aubio~~
-~~META:desc=Library for audio labellingIncludes functions for pitch, onset, and beat/tempo tracking, phase vocoder, filters, mfcc, filterbank~~+~~META:desc=Library designed for the extraction of annotations from audio signals.~~
 ~~META:link=http://aubio.org/~~ ~~META:link=http://aubio.org/~~
 ~~META:author=Paul Brossier~~ ~~META:author=Paul Brossier~~
-~~META:version=0.3.2~~ +~~META:releasedate=2014-03-12~~ 
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