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 ====== Ayyi ====== ====== Ayyi ======
 {{metacard>​}} {{metacard>​}}
-A modular audio production system+A modular audio/MIDI production system
 Proof of concept for Service-based architecture. Proof of concept for Service-based architecture.
-{{tag>​JACK ​new synthesis_and_composition_packages}}+{{tag>​JACK synthesis_and_composition_packages ​midi_software}}
 ~~META:​title=Ayyi~~ ~~META:​title=Ayyi~~
-~~META:​desc=modular ​audio production system~~+~~META:​desc=Modular ​audio/MIDI production system~~
 ~~META:​logo=~~ ~~META:​logo=~~
 ~~META:​link=http://​ayyi.org/​~~ ~~META:​link=http://​ayyi.org/​~~
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