Description:Experimental MIDI composition environment
Author:Tim Thompson

KeyKit used to be called Keynote. It is a programming language and graphical user interface for MIDI, useful for both algorithmic and realtime musical experimentation.

KeyKit is an awk-like language developed by Tim Thompson and designed specifically for manipulating MIDI data. The full KeyKit system includes a multi-window and multi-tasking graphical user interface, and can be used for both algorithmic and realtime applications. The language itself has only a few built-in functions for graphics - the entire user interface is written in KeyKit itself, and is hence completely customizable and extensible by the user. The current version works best on Windows NT and Windows 95, but the software is designed to be portable. Previous versions have been ported to a wide variety of systems

A complete graphical user interface is implemented in the user-defined library of KeyKit, using the small number of graphical primitives that are built into the language.

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